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Lay Hill Paranormal Investigations


     Our Group was founded in August of 2013 in Elkton, Virginia.   While we are based in Virginia, we also do investigations in the states surrounding Virginia, or we will try to put any clients in need in contact with a group closer to where they are located.

     Our investigations usually consist of three steps: A pre-investigation interview, the actual investigation and cleansing if requested, and then a follow up to review evidence with our clients as well as to discuss if more help is needed dealing with the clients haunting.    Our group does not just do investigtions, we offer support to our clients, such as being able to be reached by phone whenever needed.    Our goal is to give emotional support as well as try our best to debunk or find scientific reasons for whatever our clients are going through, and offer spiritual support either by talking, cleansing, praying or bringing in the appropriate religious figure to bless the clients, home or business.    

    We do not charge to do investigations, however donations are welcome.    If we do a cleansing, we do ask that you pay for the supplies used.     For clients who request a cleansing after an investigation, we do wish to make sure that you know that not all cleansings are effective the first time and will often need to be repeated... which is why why show you how to do it yourself during our visit.   If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, we would be happy to come back and repeat the cleansing, or direct you to another paranormal team or religious leader who can help you more.     

   If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our group, all contact information can be found on our contact page.   

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